About the Ministry of Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs

Ministry of Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs of Abelden (German: Ausenministerium Des Abeldänischen Imperiums) is a Cabinet-level federal governmental agency in the Abeldane Empire in charge of conducting and designing Abeldane Foreign policy.

Foreign Relations of Abelden

Abelden has maintained a record of creating relations with other nations since its formation in 2014, with the Principality of Lomellina being the first nation to recognise Abelden. The Ministry of Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs is responsible for maintaining all treaties and agreements signed by the Empire and ensuring that requests from other nations are delivered to the government. The Lord Ambassador is the head of the Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs Ministry, and as such is the chief diplomat of the Empire.

It is a member currently of four intermicronational organisations: the Grand Unified Micronational, International Agricultural Development Pact, Union Against Micronational War and the Asia-Pacific Alliance.