The Lord Ambassador: H.E. Lord Anthony R. Clark

Anthony Robert Clark is a micronational lawyer. He is well known as one of the MicroWiki community's most experienced litigators and legislative drafters.

Clark has worked extensively in micronational media. He is currently the editor of the Amerston Post.


Clark is well known for his legal knowledge. He was the director of Jurisfocal, possibly the only law firm in the MicroWiki community, and claims to have been involved in more litigation than any other micronationalist.

Clark has studied legislative drafting and is known for drafting comprehensive legislative instruments, sometimes hundreds of pages long.

He drafts the Abeldane Code, currently in its second edition. The Code is the authoritative version of all permanent statutory law in Abelden, with each edition heavily redrafting statutes for clarity and conciseness.

In May 2020, Clark was awarded the Order of the Two Eagles, the highest chivalric order in both the Empire of Paravia and the Abeldane Empire, for his services to Abeldane law. He is only the third person to receive the award, after Mikael Bokmann and John Bercow, the Speaker of the UK House of Commons between 2009 and 2019.